Finlay's Raiders

The story thus far

The year is 994 YK. War has ravaged Khorvaire for over 100 years, and although the people of all lands are weary and broken from the constant turmoil and violence, there looks to be no end to the war in sight.

The PCs are an elite platoon of Breland soldiers who go by the name of Finlay’s Raiders, so named after Sergeant Argus Finlay, the platoon’s leader. Lately they’ve been fighting on the Goblin frontier just East of Rhukkan Drul. Capitalizing on the ever tumultuous situation between the nation-states, the Goblins have dickishly decided to push further North and expand their territories.

From the campaign intro:

As plans go, this one was pretty simple.

The boys at 3rd Battalion make a lousy cup of coffee, but they sure as hell know how to make a goblin sing. No mean feat, considering the Goblin 7th had already removed the messenger’s tongue. But talk he did—or something like it anyway—and that got us a smudgy, slightly bloody, dot on a map.

Finlay said it would be a milk run, but then Finlay’s idea of a milk run usually involves more blood than milk. Still, compared to your typical Raiders job, this gig wasn’t so bad. Mosey our way through enemy lines, scout out the smudgy red dot on the map, make sure there really was a weapon’s cache, and then high tail it back to 3rd Bat. If ‘ol marble mouth wasn’t lying, 3rd Bat would would push through and take the cache while Finlay’s Raiders headed back to Rhukan Dral for a few weeks of well-deserved R&R.

The interesting thing about simple plans is how spectacularly complicated they get real quick like. Seargant Finlay had been scouting ahead, but check-in time had long since passed. The Sarge has been called a lot of things in his time, but “late” has never been one of them, so it wasn’t a minute past check-in that weapons were drawn, and neck hairs stood at attention. Nothing was going to surprise us, that’s for sure.

So imagine our surprise when we crept up over a ridge to see ol’ Sergeant Finlay standing next to some kid, although something told us that was no normal kid. Maybe it was the blazing red eyes that tipped us off, we’re kinda intuitive that way I guess. Anyway, Sarge and the kid were looking for all the world like they were best of friends. Then right about the time we got to thinkin’ that shit was gonna start happening right quick, ‘ol Finlay just up and looked straight at us, and then walked away. The kid, well she just giggled a little bit, like we was the biggest mooks she’d ever layed eyes on, and it occurred to every one of us that she might just be right. Then, like she was just askin’ for a sweet or a fucking little dolly or something, she says all nice and pretty like, “kill them all” to the filthy goblin witch in charge of all the other filthy goblins with blood lust in their eyes.

The party handily defeated the goblins, although the witch managed to escape. They tracked Finlay, the girl, and the witch a few miles through the marshlands until they came to what used to be the Church of the Holy Light of Pelor. The cathedral turned out to be infested with goblins like bedbugs in a government-subsidized whorehouse.

Having cleared the first level (and killing the witch), the party moves on to the second level…


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