Church of the Holy Light of Pelor

One of several cathedrals built between 517-644 YK by the Knights of the Holy Light of Pelor, a fanatical order whose charter was to spread the message of Pelor by word or by sword, although they much preferred the latter if it was all the same to you.
Church location
As their numbers and fanaticism grew, the order was recognized as an enemy by the Church of Pelor. Between 695 YK and 702 YK they were systematically sought out and either destroyed or re-educated by the church, although the church prefered the former if it was all the same to you. Many of their holdings fell to the Church, but this cathedral was eventually abandoned as it had no holy relics for which pilgrims would be inclined to visit, and became too expensive to maintain.

For the last 300 years the Church of the Holy Light of Pelor has been inhabited by various and sundry monsters, occasionally cleaned out by stalwart adventurers, but usually re-inhabited within the month.

During the last war, it has been used by several factions as a base of some small strategic value, to house supplies, weapons, and occasionally soldiers.

Sergeant Argus Finlay was last seen entering the cathedral 994 YK.


Church of the Holy Light of Pelor

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