The City of Freeport

Pirate town
Freeport is a small port city on the island of Lastpoint, the Eastern-most island in the Tempest Islands, off the Eastern shores of Khorvaire.

Freeport small

Before the war, Freeport was a notorious pirate city, a port from which many a buccaneer launched a campaign of plunder on the seas around Khorvaire and even the shipping lanes between continents. But shortly after the war began, the era of the Freeport pirate came to a sudden end. Whereas once lone privateers could prey easily on the merchant ships plying their trade, the war meant organized and well armed navies now patrolled the seas, eager to sink either enemy or privateer. As more ships left port than returned, the denizens of Freeport were perhaps more qualified than most to know that the winds of fortune had shifted, and not in their favor.

Freeport is now a legitimate city, at least in name. Some say, however, that the pirate tradition is alive and well in Freeport, but it is camouflaged by a veneer of respectability.


(“Freeport” is derived from The Freeport Trilogy, © Green Ronin Publishing. If you are not one of my players, go buy this module (The Freeport Trilogy, that is), it’s really good.)

The City of Freeport

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